Fundraising (South Muskoka Minor Hockey Association)



Are you interested in raising money to offset your player's hockey fees?  
We have great opportunities for you! 

MacGregors Meat's & Seafood 

Proudly Canadian owned for seven family generations
North Country Meat & Seafood Ltd is pleased to provide a Centre-Of-The-Plate Fundraising Program to South Muskoka Minor Hockey Association. 

Step 1. Register by email or Contacting Amanda - [email protected] 
Step 2. Disperse Sell Sheets and Order Forms - Start Selling (forms are available beginning of September 2018 for the Fall / Winter program)
Step 3. Collect Orders with Payments and Summarize 
Step 4. Submit to Fundraising - Amanda - [email protected]
Step 5. Delivery *All ORDERS must be picked up on the scheduled delivered date* 

Instruction Sheet


ORDERS DUE - Orders are due Friday November 2nd 2018
Deliveries scheduled end of November 2018

Camp Muskoka Coffee Fundraising

**COMING FALL 2018**

All Star Coffee

After working in the field of education for more than 20 years, we’ve always been exposed to schools and organizations’ needs for fundraising to support local activities and child enrichment. When thinking of the serendipitous journey that found Camp Muskoka with our own coffee company, it seemed an obvious marriage for us to offer our schools an Easy, Lucrative, and Fun FUNdraising option.
It’s EASY because it’s selling a consumable product that 75% of the population drink daily and 100% of the population know someone who does.
It’s LUCRATIVE because schools receive 50% of every dollar they sell.
It’s FUN because we make it EASY!
ORDER SHEETS AVAILABLE Beginning of September 2018 - Stay tuned for Fall / Winter 

All Fundraising Opportunities will available to you after player's 2018/19 registration fees have been paid.

Contact Fundraising for more information! 
Amanda McLennan 
[email protected]  
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