EVALUATIONS (South Muskoka Minor Hockey Association)


Evaluations are crucial in forming our teams and ensuring a successful season for all players. We want to emphasize that while the evaluations can be competitive, our primary goal is to foster a positive and inclusive hockey environment for all participants. 

What happens on Evaluation Day? 
Please make sure to arrive with enough time to complete the check-in process. Your child's attendance will be taken and they will be assigned a jersey number! After that, head on over to the change room and get ready to hit the ice! 

What is the Evaluation and Release Process? 
For REP evaluations, it is essential that your child attends ALL evaluation sessions. This means that even if your child is hoping to make the D team, they must still attend the B evaluations. In order to move on to the D evaluations (if applicable) you must be released from B. This process ensures that every child has a fair chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities. 
On the first day of evaluation, your child will receive a letter from the coach that provides further details about the evaluation and release process. If your child is released from both REP, they will go on to play Local League (LL).  Remember - all teams are equally rewarding! 

Supporting Your Child: 
We understand that this can be an anxious time for both parents and players.  Here are some resources that can help: 
We are here to support you and your child as they embark on this exciting hockey journey and wish them the best of luck this season!