Shinny & Co. (South Muskoka Minor Hockey Association)

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Shinny & Co.

Established by a former NHL player, Shinny & Co. gives kids and adult players a real home-ice advantage.

Our rink markings add hockey lines, face-off dots, creases, and center-ice circle to make any outdoor ice surface a real hockey rink. You can install them in as little as 30 minutes, and reuse them season after season. They bring informal games a big arena feel, which helps engage and develop players at all skill levels, encouraging more frequent, harder, and better play. You might say inspiration is our real product.

We’re hockey people. Like so many others in Canada and the northern US, the game is in our blood, passed from generation to generation. We're fans, we start playing young, and never willingly hang up our skates. For us, outdoor hockey is a community experience that brings fun, family, and friends together. And the goal that matters most is getting out there and having fun.

Shinny & Co. is here to fire up your imagination…and your game. With a real hockey rink, you can invite the entire neighborhood over and know they’ll bring their A-game.

Explore their website now for an exclusive offer on rink kits using code SMMHA2023. Choose from a variety of options, including over 32 NHL team logos or even our unique Bears Logo right at the center of the ice. Your dream rink awaits!